BOLD NATIVES and INDOORS PLUS Camellias as cute as a BUTTON

BOLD NATIVES and INDOORS PLUS Camellias as cute as a BUTTON

7th Aug 2021

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Camellia Buttons & Bows

Buttons ‘N Bows has a compact bushy habit, with spectacular flowers of  japonica size.  An impressively bushy habit makes for a great container, specimen shrub or medium hedge.  Flowers are classic formal double form with a deep pink margin surrounding a white centre.

Buttons ‘N Bows is suitable for planting in both, semi or fully shaded positions and will generally tolerate morning sun until midday, providing it is well mulched and watered during the summer months.


Do you have a tough spot?
This selection of reds will tough it out.

Doryanthes excelsa – Gymea Lily
The Gymea lily is a stunning, architectural plant from the NSW central coast.  With upright large sword shaped leaves and huge rich red flowers create that wow effect with long stems which can reach from 2 to 4 metres tall. In sun or shade it is a true feature in large containers or in the garden. It is very easy to maintain by simply cutting off the old flower heads and removing any dead or dying foliage in autumn. The flowers nectar is a draw card  for birds and bees . 

Grevillea 'Strawberry Smoothie'
 Strawberry Smoothie is a small spreading shrub that produces a spectacular mass display of strawberry coloured flowers during late autumn to early spring.
Prefers full sun though will tolerate part dappled shade. It is adaptable to most well drained, and requires summer watering when conditions are dry.
Strawberry Smoothie is dense in habit and is a useful shrub in rockery plantings, it can be used to fill in areas in the landscape where low level plantings are required in garden beds. This plant produces colour & nectar for fauna over the cooler months.

Bold natives filled with  inspiration -Carolyn

Euphorbia Trigona Cactus

This cactus is a hardy and relatively fast growing species that suits any outdoor or well lit indoor environments. Water over the warmer months but rarely during winter as they can survive for many months without water.
During the growing periods, fertilizing with 25% the recommended dosage for the best results. The Euphorbia Trigona cactus makes an excellent addition to any office or house space.

Isn’t it lovely. What a stunning shape. Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera deliciosa). An art work in a pot!
Grown for interior decoration this one is in definitely style. It grows best between the temperatures of above 15 °C . It likes humidity and shade when the temperatures are high but requires little water through the winter. Grow in a bright room to encourage lush new leaves. Keep it in a small pot to keep it compact or give it space and watch it grow.

Rosemary Tuscan Blue
 Classic fragrant Mediterranean herb, rosemary is well suited to seaside plantings and dry areas. Tuscan Blue is bold, tall, very upright in habit with clear blue-lilac flowers through the warmer months. Makes an aromatic hedge. Spike your homemade breads and roasts, barbecued meats and vegies with the blue-green leaves.

Roemary can also aid with digestion and organ function, is high in antioxidants. It is also high in Vitamin E and is reputed to aid in relaxion and assist in prolonging good memory. Steep with sage leaves and the fennel seed for a savoury type tea that will help with general health. 

Plant in well drained soil in a sunny and airy position. Tolertaes moderate frost
Height 1m x Width 1m

Timber & Coir Totems for Climbing Plants

Are your indoor climbing/trailing plants such as Devil's Ivy, Monsteras or Philodendrons getting enormous? Do they need something taller to grow up?

These timber and coir poles are the perfect thing to provide your climbing indoor plants with more room to move.
As your plant outgrows these totems, you can slot another one into the top of your existing one as pictured. The sizes can be endless!
Comes in 60cm or 90cm


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