CUTE Ducklings! BIG GERANIUMS Brasil Indoor & ANZstunner TRIO

CUTE Ducklings! BIG GERANIUMS Brasil Indoor & ANZstunner TRIO

24th Sep 2021

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Geraniums are back!

The ‘BIG’ series of Pelargoniums will bring bright impact to your garden! Boasting bright, bountiful colour these varieties are sure to please the eye. Large, doubled blooms present themselves atop mid-green, compact foliage, setting a neat, yet exciting scene for most of the year. Give your garden a European feel by using baskets to hang them from lattice, retaining walls, fences or pergolas. Plant them by your window to brighten up the view or use a variety of decorative pots to add depth and colour to any outdoor setting in need of brightening up.The thick, mid-green foliage keeps a semi-trailing habit which means they will cascade in hanging baskets, or stay low-growing in the garden.

3 for $80 or $29.99 each 
CUTE Ducks & Ducklings

Floating ceramics perfect for a pond, pool or birdbath. From $6.99

Spring Blooms as fresh as a daisy! Aramis Fire is a spectacular plant that is ideal for patio pots and borders where it will produce an abundance of pretty daisy-like blooms from red through to pale pink as they age. Watch out for the ducks on the water!

Philodendron Brasil in Arta Dark Green Pot with Stand

Philodendron brasil is a striking cultivar of the classic heart leaf philodendron. This species has bold yellow and green foliage which look almost as if they are painted. Grow this philodendron up a totem or allow to trail and position in bright spot indoors away from direct sunlight. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering. 

Long flowering and bird luring


A beautiful ornamental tree with elegant weeping foliage growing to around 6 to 8 metres tall and 3-4m wide. It has an open growth habit that lets light filter through for underplanting. Stunning winter to spring flowering with large pink-red blossoms with contrasting yellow stamens. Silver gum nuts remain after flowering on red stems which age to smooth white branches. Mature bark trunk is decorative with peeling curls.

Gently arching, strappy evergreen leaves with a metallic, silver sheen 60cm-1m providing a year round stunner. The long, straight foliage adds a nice textural and structural element to the garden. Dry and windy conditions aren’t a problem for this tough, strapping plant. They are also gorgeous in pots as the leaves spill from the sides. 
This NZ native is well suited to a wide range of Australian growing conditions, including harsh coastal areas. They really are very easy going and don’t mind if they are in sun or shade. In fact, in NZ they actually grow as epiphytes in trees. 

Correa Ice Chimes is a low-growing, evergreen, native shrub which has petite rounded leaves. In Winter and Autumn, dainty bell-shaped, white flowers appear. The flowers are a pollinator and bird attracting. Correa Ice Chimes has low water requirements once established and is a good all rounder in pots or as an underplanting as it grows to .75m x .75m. 

ANZ flowers and foliage filled with  inspiration -Carolyn

Perpetual Spinach

Classic green leaves and red stems make a great addition to the veggie patch.

This versatile vegetable partners well with simple herbs like parsley, chives, onion and garlic. Serve in salads, with pear, fetta and  pine nuts with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or as a simple side dish. 

This is a real multi tasking vegetable that can be used in salads, stir fries and steamed as a side dish. Use in salads with a mixture of sweet herbs like mint lime verbena and lime juice. This healthy vegetable is hign in iron.

Requires part to full sun and can tolerate moderate frost grows to 45cm high and 35cm wide. 

Time to pot up plants for Spring! 

We have a big range of potting mixes and soil amendments for every plant type and gardener.
Peat moss, charcoal and sphagnum moss have been quite difficult to get a hold of over the last 12 months, but supplies are finally returning.
Peat and sphagnum moss are great for adding to mix for very thirsty plants such as ferns and carnivourous plants, while charcoal will remove any bad smells from sitting water so it's a good addition to the bottom of any terrarium, particularly ones with plants that don't mind wet feet like Maidenhair Ferns.


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