JUST ARRIVED - STORMY FROST & AVALANCHE + Bright And Hardy Indoor Colour

JUST ARRIVED - STORMY FROST & AVALANCHE + Bright And Hardy Indoor Colour

27th May 2022


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Grafted Cactus in Tulip Pot

This grafted cactus and small pot combo make a great little colourful gift! A perfect addition to a windowsill or desk. Both the plant and pots come in an assortment of colours. Grafted cactus grow best indoors in well lit positions or outdoors under cover, water only when dry and sparingly if indoors, keep dry in winter. Fertilise with a weak dose once in spring and summer. Graft will grow slowly for many years as long as the green base is healthy.  

Zanzibar Gem in Conner Cover Pot Island Teal

A perfect plant and pot combo for a desk, bedside table or shelf! 

Possibly the hardiest indoor plant in the world, the Zanzibar Gem or ‘ZZ Plant’ thrives on neglect. Position in a well-lit area indoors away from direct sun for a lush and leafy plant.  Zanzibar Gems can tolerate lower light but leaves will be more elongated. Water well but allow them to dry out between watering. ZZ can survive long periods without water, so keep on the dry side particularly in winter.  


The new wave of seasonal flowers are in! Check out our wide range of Pansies and Violas in a broad range of colours. Great for pots and planters or even hanging baskets to give an explosion of vibrancy in your garden.



 Avalanche is fast becoming my favourite Camellia.
This is the second year we have had it and the structure is superior to any other.

It features a stunning lightly scented pure white floral display in the Autumn months. The narrow columnar growth makes Avalanche excellent for container or specimen planting or for screening or hedging in narrow garden beds with spacing of between 0.75m to 1.25m apart. Avalanche can also be clipped to a neat column or conical shape creating a stunning entry either side of a path or doorway. 

At full size In the ground Avalanche will grow 2-3m x 1m. Excellent soil and root space will offer the extra height. For full sun or lightly shaded positions.

Plectranthus Velvet Elvis is bold and showy with large plumes of lavender flowers that appear from late summer through autumn.

Attractive neat low shrub 70cm x 80cm with a upright structure, deep green ornamental foliage with deep purple underneath.

Prefers a shaded to semi shaded position that is protected from frosts and very low temperatures. A light pruning after flowering will help maintain a compact shape.
Ideal for low light positions in the garden. Perfect for planting around water features in low light, excellent for pots, in mass or mixed plantings. Lovely border plant for shady paths or driveways and with its stunning foliage, provides year round interest.

Lamium 'Stormy Frost' brightens up dull shady areas with white-green variegated foliage and deep lilac pink flowers from late spring through to autumn. This ornamental ground cover forms a low mound of attractive foliage for year round interest with a maximum spread of 80cm x 10cm high

Grows well in most soils that are moist but well draining. Do not allow to dry out over extended periods of heat. No pruning required, although a light trim can be given during early spring to shape. An addition of slow release fertiliser in spring is recommended. Frost tolerant.

         Cool flowers filled with Inspiration- Carolyn

featured in Bella Tub Turquoise

Lemonicious is a compact growing, small tree, bearing very juicy and versatile fruit. In a large pot, lemonicious reaches 1m x 1m, creating the ultimate decorative pot for your outdoor living area.
Apply fruit and citrus food early autumn, spring and summer to promote lots of flowers and fruit. 

Lemonicious will bloom with masses of scented white flowers followed by delicious, full sized fruit. The fruit is perfect for cooking, cocktails and even fish n chips. Yum! Prefers a full sun position in well drained soil. In the ground the plant will get to 1.5m x 1m

Fresh lemons are also a fantastic addition to green tea. Green tea and lemons are both high in antioxidants which can help protect against inflammation and chronic conditions.

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Pink Camellias in full bloom make a gorgeous display in a shady or sunny area
Super-Wide Garden Rake

Super wide rake perfect for collecting autumn leaves from lawns and garden beds with a scraper on the back side for spreading mulch or levelling soil.

High quality plastic rake head with aluminium handle will ensure years of service


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