MONKEY FACE, Hardy BLOOMS & ClassicCombo with a TWIST

MONKEY FACE, Hardy BLOOMS & ClassicCombo with a TWIST

15th Oct 2021


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Kalanchoe  Beauty
Long flowering hardy succulent for indoors or out. Great for a table centrepiece or gift!
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Strawberry PinkMelba, Sweetheart and Adina

It's strawberry season! Now is a great time to plant some strawberries to produce some delicious fruit to eat off the bush or use in desserts and jams. The pink, melba, sweetheart and adina varieties are similar though differ slightly in size and taste.

Pink: Produces bright pink flowers with medium sized, sweet fruit. Plant in a well drained soil and loves the full sun.

Melba: A long fruiting season with a small sized fruit that has a highly rated flavour. Loves full sun with a well drained soil.

Sweetheart: Grows small, heart shaped fruit that are very sweet. Loves the full sun and a well drained soil.

Adina: Grows very large fruit that are bright red in colour and very juicy. The Adina does require slightly more water than other varieties and also loves to be placed in a sunny spot.


Feelin’ Good @botanicalcreations

Monstera adansonii ‘Monkey Mask’ in Orchid Pot Matt Sage

Monstera adansonii is a super distinctive indoor variety with oval-shaped fenestrations in the leaves. The Monkey Mask variety is a clumping, compact plant  which is still suitable for hanging baskets but it’s tendrils will be more dense with foliage. 

Monstera adansonii is a pretty easy indoor plant; place in a bright spot away from direct sunlight and allow soil to dry out slightly between watering. Water more in the warmer months and feed once a month during summer to boost growth. 


With a new twist!


Lavender 'Avonview'

Lavandula Avonview is an improved Italian lavender. The Italian lavenders flower eariler then the English and go on for much longer. They stay neat without too much pruning. Although pruning a lavender will keep fresh growth flushing through the plant, keeping it looking young and vigorous. The flowers attract bees to the garden, which planted around apples and pears will assist in pollinating your fruit trees. 80cm by 80cm. Can be kept as a smaller border through yearly pruning.

Convolvulus cneorum 'Silver Bush'

This hardy evergreen Convolvulus is a wonderful shrub with beautiful silvery foliage on display all year round. 

As an added bonus, cup-shaped white flowers with pale yellow centres appear in several flushes from late spring into the autumn.

Perfect for problem dry areas, it will even be happy in a hot sunny well drained spot, where many other plants often fail to thrive. It is also a real asset in patio planters, and great in winter displays where it can be teamed with other plants such as heuchera. It also looks stunning cascading over a wall.

NEW Lobularia 'Snow Princess'

Unique and award winning for heat tolerance and extended season flowering performance.
If there's one new plant that should be on everyone's list, it's Snow Princess perennial Sweet Alyssum.
 With abundant, highly fragrant small white blooms, this vigorous plant will thrive in hot or cold.  As a sterile Lobularia is extremely vigorous, and because it puts no energy into setting seed it has an incredibly long bloom time. As it to grows to a ball 30cm, it makes for a great hanging basket or window box plant and is a perfect filler in combinations. Loves the sun and will cope with part shade. 

Flowers foliage and fragrance filled with  inspiration -Carolyn

Rhubarb Victoria

A long standing green variety with a delicious sweet flavour. The large stalks of Rhubarb 'Victoria' are blushed crimson at the base, shading to green towards the leaf and they are not tough or stringy.
It can be grown in full sun or part shade, but avoid planting in heavy shade. Rhubarb plants are heavy feeders and beds should be prepared by working through liberal quantities of well-rotted compost/  manure.

Avoid light overhead watering, rhubarb is better off with less frequent but with deep watering. Liquid feed every 5-6 weeks with Maxicrop Seaweed Fertiliser during the growing season. Older, more established plants require less water, but do not allow to dry out or the stems will never be juicy.

To pick stalks, hold the lower part and pull cleanly from the plant. Always pick outside stalks first and leave the young centre stalks to promote more growth. When picked, cut the leaves off the stalks as these are poisonous. Any flowering stems that appear should be cut off, so that the plant’s energy is diverted into producing more stalks.

Each year during winter, cultivate the soil around each plant and re-fertilise in preparation for spring growth. Rhubarb clumps should be lifted and divided every 4-5 years. This can be done during the winter months by cutting clumps into portions of one ‘strong’ crown and a substantial piece of root.

Get on top of the Weeds

With all the lovely warm weather and consistent rain we've been having, weeds are growing like nobody's business. We have weed treatments for all situations.

 Brunnings 1hr Weed Kill is a rapid-acting weedkiller that kills weeds and grasses fast. Visible effects are noticeable on most weeds within 1 hour and rain fast in 30 minutes. It is a non-selective herbicide and could kill wanted plants and grasses if they are sprayed, so only spray when conditions are still. In lawns, use as a spot spray treatment only. It is not residually active in the soil.

OCP Slasher Organic Weedkiller is a contact weed control that acts on the foliage, causing it to quickly dehydrate and collapse.
Results are seen as browning and wilting usually within 1 hour of application. Visible results can take longer than 1 hour on certain tough weeds or weeds in shaded conditions. For best results, apply when temperature is over 10°C.

Glyphosate 360g/L Concentrate is one of the easiest and most effective herbicides you can use on woody weeds such as suckering trees and plants where the root system needs to be killed off systemically.
Like the 1Hr Weed Kill, it is a non-selective herbicide and could kill wanted plants and grasses if they are sprayed, so only spray when conditions are still, or apply directly with an old paintbrush. In lawns, use as a spot spray treatment only. It is not residually active in the soil. 


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