Need INSPIRATIONS? We’re Open 10-4 orders CLICK & COLLECT in 1hr.

Need INSPIRATIONS? We’re Open 10-4 orders CLICK & COLLECT in 1hr.

28th May 2021

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Do you like fragrant flowers indoors?
Create a bouquet picked fresh from the garden with Camellias, Daphne and Hypoestes. 
Camellias are blooming beauties this time of year.
Daphne  adds a beautiful fragrance to the room. 
There is such a great range of Camellias and Daphne they can be planted in the sun or shade in the garden. 
I placed them on my desk to give me motivation to get my paperwork done

Enjoy flowers filled with inspiration -Carolyn

Cordyline Pink Passion

Pink Passion is a very flamboyant Cordyline with an upright habit, growing to a height of around 1.8m by 50 cm wide. It features vibrant pink variegated foliage. It is suitable in pots, planters and gardens.

It is a great, robust allrounder which is tolerent to light frost and dry conditions. Remove dead folage and fertilize annually with a slow release fertilizer. This plant goes very well in a dark or white coloured pot which provides contrast and makes the foliage appear more vibrant.

We have heaps of terrariums all ready for you to take home to your indoor space. Alternatively, make your own at home with our abundance of terrarium plants. Position your terrarium in a bright enough spot for the plants inside it, bright for succulents whereas peperomias and similar plants can survive in normal house lighting. Water only when the soil appears slightly dry. If the soil is sticking to the glass you can leave the watering for now. Water should wet the soil but the terrarium shouldn’t be sitting in water after a couple of hours. Closed terrariums require less watering and maintenance as they have a self contained environment. Open terrariums will require watering weekly to monthly depending on its plants and environment.

Wasabi Japonica

Wasabi - both the plant and the popular food condiment is a mainstay for Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi and soba. The fresh made paste, grated, directly from the plant root stem. Fresh grated wasabi boasts a very noticeable milder, more natural tasting flavour profile and distinct floral aromatics with the nose clearing heat like mustard and horseradish - as opposed to chilli or pepper heat. It needs the right conditions to grow well and prefers a temperaturerange of 5 to 22 degrees and lots of shade. Best grown in large pots.
The leaves and flowers are excellent in salads but the best part is the long carrot like stem that grows down into the pot. The plant is quick growing but takes around 20 months to get the best flavour. Break off any suckers to focus growth on the main stem which should be harvested in spring/autumn at around 15 to 20cm in length.
Wasabi is best eaten fresh and stored in the fridge (never the freezer) where it will keep for about 4-6 weeks. 

Gorgeous Zinc Bird Feeders

Invite the birds overCLICK HERE to see what a beautiful addition to your garden a bird feeder can make. 


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