Petite Flowers and Foliage, Citrus & Tough Indoors

Petite Flowers and Foliage, Citrus & Tough Indoors

2nd Jun 2023

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It’s all in the tiny details

Enjoy an evergreen garden with a rich display of dense foliage and magnificent blooms. The Camellia transnokoensis is characterised by clusters of miniature, scented, single, white flowers. It is a hardy, long living shrub that can grow into a small tree. It looks great in a feature pot and also makes a wonderful hedge or espalier against a wall. 
2-3 m x 1-2 m

‘China Pink’ offers year round ornamental foliage of deep plum colour accented by red tips of new growth and striking lolly pink, tassel-like flowers produced in spring and again in autumn. With long season of interest it is ideal in mixed boarders and mid level planting in any garden. Grows well in most soils which are well draining. Once established water requirements are low but do not allow to dry out over extended periods of heat. A light trim after flowering will help to maintain a neat, compact shape.
1.5m x 2 m

Bacopa is a versatile ground cover with a simple, rounded flowers and comes in various colours in single and double forms. They bloom for many months, beginning in spring, and are very tolerant of a hot, sunny position, though can also grow in part-shade. They are excellent plants for creating a soft and flowery effect, especially for garden edges, cascading over walls and baskets. Perfect in a traditional style gardens as an underplanting.
0.05x 0.5m 

Petite Flowers and Foliage Colour 
 Filled with Inspiration- Carolyn


Magical Revolution Hydrangea Pink
Magical Revolution is a game-changer that breaks all the rules: a revolution indoors and out. A revolution for gardeners and home decorators, bringing garden beauty into the home. Flowering continuously for up to 150 days with a magical colour transformation from pastel pink or blue through to deep burgundy, this is a plant that really performs – indoors for a moment and
in the garden for a lifetime. A living bunch of flowers, perfect on the kitchen bench and will outlast any cut flowers by months. Ideal for planting outside, Hydrangea ‘Magical Revolution’ has improved resistance to sun, frost, rain and all the elements.


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Zanzibar Gem 'Jungle Warrior'

'Jungle Warrior' is a new variety of the very tough and low-maintenance Zanzibar Gem. The new growth is a glossy, light green colour that matures to a deep black. These super hardy indoor plants require very little watering. Allow the soil to dry out completely between watering, water about once a month to every few weeks in the warmer months and even less so in winter. Position in a bright room away from direct sunlight for best results, although the Zanzibar Gem can also tolerate lower light conditions. 
Devils Ivy
in Lyla Pot

Devils Ivy are a must-have indoor plant! Allow them to climb up a trellis or totem pole, or trail from a shelf or hanging pot! Their heart-shaped green leaves produce yellow variegation. In a bright room the Devils Ivy will produce more yellow variegation, and in lower light conditions the foliage will be more green. They are super hardy and dry tolerant. Allow soil to dry slightly between watering. Water weekly to fortnightly (or even less!) in winter and check for watering more often in the warmer months. Fertilise with Maxicrop in the warmer months to boost growth. 

Devils Ivy's foliage pairs perfectly with the natural-toned Lyla Pot. Great for a bedside table or desk, or remove the trellis and allow to trail down from a shelf! 
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Citrus In Fruit
Lemons and limes currently fruiting! Courtyard (dwarf) size available.
Citrus aurantifolia Tahitian Lime, is the most popular Lime grown in cool climates.
It produces dark green, round, seedless fruit with a thin skin throughout the year. Fruit production is at its peak in late autumn to early winter in cooler climates. It is fragrant and juicy and ideal for use in the kitchen.
Tahitian Limes are an attractive, small spreading evergreen tree with dark green, glossy leaves and like many citrus trees they have small spines along the stems. They bear beautiful creamy white flowers with a strong fragrance.
For a bumper crop use Fruit and Citrus Food during flowering and fruiting.

Slow-Release Organic Fertlisers
Organic fertilisers for all plant types and conditions.

Blooming Roses - is a rich blend containing all the nutrients your roses need to bloom spectacularly. Slow release pellets mean a single feed will continue to be effective for eight weeks

Maxicrop B-Green - contains an all natural complete balanced fertiliser to provide essential nutrients and trace elements required to grow healthy plants. B-Green is an easily applied granular fertiliser ideal for all plants including vegetables, frtuit, citrus, flowers, shrubs and natives.
B-Green is also deodorised to it is the least "organic" smelling of the organic pellets.

Grow Better Organic Pelletised Fertiliser - a multi-purpose, slow release rich organic blend, safe for your gatden plants including acid lovers like Azaleas and Camellias. It will encourage earthworm activity and improve the soil structure, boost root development, leaf growth, and flower production.
Each application lasts up to six months.

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