Positive Winter Blues - Brighten up the day

Positive Winter Blues - Brighten up the day

23rd Jul 2021

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Give a gift that grows. Sweet ruffled Primrose in a bouquet  tin only $24.99. Perfect as a table centrepiece and then plant them in the garden. 

Positive Winter Blues  
There is no hiding Im a big fan of purple and blue in the garden. Adding a vibrant birdbath to the garden creates a visual focal point and invites the birds for you to enjoy. 

Lavender Avonview
Avonview is an improved Italian lavender. The Italian lavenders flower eariler then the English and go on for much longer. They stay neat without too much pruning, though pruning a lavender will keep fresh growth flushing through the plant, keeping it looking young and vigorous. The flowers attract bees to the garden, which when planted around apples and pears will assist in pollinating your fruit trees or other edibles. 80cm by 80cm. Can be kept as a smaller border through yearly pruning.

Nemesia ‘Confetti Storm Cloud’
 At only 30cm tall and a spread of 60cm, this little beauty is perfect for a pot or low border. With fragrant blooms, it flowers for months, beginning in autumn and going right through into spring. If spent flowers are regularly trimmed off after each flush, more dainty little purple blooms will quickly replace them.

Viola Purple
As part of our everyday colour pot range Viola are extremely good value. 10 for $25 or $2.99 ea. They start to flower in March and continue into October. I prefer petite Viola over the more bold Pansy as they are not damaged by the winter heavy rain. 

Winter warmth for the shade filled with  inspiration -Carolyn

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Hoping this will make your heart sing even though you can’t be in store. A little tour filled with inspiration from Botanical Creations because we are missing you. Call 95719922 10-4pm for phone orders 


The bees are loving the Hellebore Anna’s Red as much as we do. Looking gorgeous in the sunshine . . . . .

Fabulous Foliage Ficus

Get cosy this winter with the beautifuly warm-toned foliage of these Ficus elastica, or Rubber Trees.
Available now in Burgundy, RubyTineke and Melany varieties.
Rubber trees are extremely hardy and forgiving indoor plants, just make sure not to keep them wet for too long in the cold weather.

Celery is part of the Apiaceae family, which includes carrots, parsnips, parsley, and celeriac. It's high in fibre and low in calories which makes it a popular snack or addition to soup. Its crunchy stalks are full of water which means it requires regular watering and fertiliser to produce tasty stems. The leaves can also be used in salads and stir fries so with multiple uses Celery makes a valuable addition to your productive garden. As it goes to seed the foliage will become bitter so it’s time to pull it out and make space for the next crop.

Feed the Whole Garden With
Organic Pellet Fertiliser

100% organic from renewable, recycled and natural mineral sources
Available in 2.5kg or 25kg bags
Safe for all plants including edible crops like vegetables and fruit trees
Slow, gentle action that won’t burn plants’ roots
Improves soil texture and quality by adding organic matter
Organic content improves soil moisture penetration and retention
Assists in promoting strong roots, healthy leaf growth and prolific flower production
Composted for 12 weeks to eradicate weeds and harmful impurities
Economical – use only 100 grams (2 handfuls) per square metre
Easy to spread
Not harmful to humans, animals or birds


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