Pretty Primula , Duffi & Rabbit Fern

Pretty Primula , Duffi & Rabbit Fern

30th Jul 2021

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Pretty Primula
10 for $25 or $2.99 each 

These beauties grow in the winter sun or shade. They flower all the way into spring and then set seed for next year.
Feed them well with B-Green to keep their leaves a lush green. 

Australia Native Foliage & Flower 

The birds and bees will love this combo
Correa 'Borossa Gold'

This hardy shrub with attractive golden coloured foliage for year round interest. With red and gold flowers from autumn to spring it will draw in the honey eaters. Its  fantastic for pots and can be used for low hedging to 1- 1.2m . It does well in most soils as long as they are well drained an is drought tolerant. Looks good in sun to shadier areas, the foliage colour will be more golden with higher light levels.

Leucophylla brownii 'Compact'
Cushion bush is a great tough shrub for difficult areas, which brings interest to the garden with its textural growth habit. It has silvery grey stems with tiny leaves, and round umbels of silver to pale gold flowers in summer. Great for coastal sites, as it resist wind and salt spray beautifully. Good in most soils, and likes a sunny spot. A terrific low maintenance plant, drought resistant. Can be pruned to shape if desired, but it naturally grows in a neat bun to 50cm.

Brachyscome 'Fresco Purple'
Fresco Purple has finely textured foliage and large purple flowers that last all season long. Compact and upright-mounded plants prefers full sun for the best shape and brighter larger blooms Brachyscome will still produce flowers in part shade and will grow 10-15cm. Great as a ground cover or boarder plant in a traditional or native garden. 

Winter natives filled with  inspiration -Carolyn

Duffii Fern in Swirla Marble Style Pot  

Nephrolepsis cordifolia is a compact fern with long arching fronds. This fern is super cute with its little button shaped leaves. Position in a brightly lit spot indoors or a shaded area outside. Paired with this swirled marble patterned concrete pot, the duffii fern is a perfect addition to any indoor jungle.


Rabbits foot ferns have beutiful green foliage which is complemented by their distinct soft rhisomes whcih appear above the soils surface. Rabbits Foot fetrns are a hardy and easy to look after plant that likes a fairly shady position. Use a well draining potting mix and allow to dry out slightly between waterings.

The rabbits foot pairs very well with a dark, natural coloured pot such as the Enid Green Lines Foot Pot.

 Silverbeet or Rainbow Chard is the ultimate pick and eat plant. It adds colour to the vegie patch and can be grown all year round.   Just take the leave you need and the plant will keep producing more.  Many leaves can be harvested at once without detriment to the plant because the roots store plenty of the carbohydrates necessary for additional leaf growth. Older plants have larger roots, so they can be quite denuded of leaves, without a problem.
Silverbeet should be plant 30cm apart in full sun. It can also be planted in half sun if you have no space in the full sun area you would want to keep for fruiting varieties. It is quick to crop with picking comencing in 6 weeks.Silverbeet is actually a close relative of beetroot (in fact it’s a variety of the same species), but it’s grown for its leaves and stems. Keep an eye out for snails this time of year as they are one of the few pests to damage the crop.

Systemic Control for Sucking Insects

Sucking insects have started to invade once more, especially indoors where humidity is higher and temperatures are more stable.
Keep an eye out particularly for aphids, scale insect, and mealy bugs (pictured above).

Conguard gives 3-4 weeks residual control of aphids, lace bug, mealybug, pysllids, hibiscus beetle, scales and thrips. This highly effective product is great for use on shrubs, pot plants, ornamentals and roses.

Conguard is designed to kill pests both on contact and systemically via plant saps. When spraying affected plants, spray pests on the top and under sides of leaves for greater control.

- Low toxicity systemic and contact spray.
- Broad range of insects - aphids, azalea lace bug, greenhouse thrips, hibiscus flower beetle, mealybugs, psyllids, sap sucking insects (including bronze orange bug), green peach aphid and scale.
- Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
- Convenient RTU (Ready to use) spray bottle. No mixing required.
- Fast and effective insect control
- It is important to apply as per directions for effective control.
Active Constituents:
0.125 g/L Imidacloprid


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