Stunning Winter Rose, Zygos & Swiss Cheese

Stunning Winter Rose, Zygos & Swiss Cheese

18th Jun 2021

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Winter Rose
Just starting to bloom. Beautiful Winter Roses (Helleborus) are almost unreal in the variety of colours and patterns. They love a shady spot and make a wonderful display in pots or in the garden. A great range in store right now! 

Winter joy filled with inspiration -Carolyn

Swiss Cheese Plant - Monstera Adansonii

The Swiss Cheese plant is an easy to look after indoor plant. With medium sized leaves full of holes, this plant makes an eye catching addition to any home or office. They prefer plently of indirect light and like to have moist soil. Water when the soil feels dry of the leaves begin to droop. Increase the frequency during the warmer months.

Zygocactus - Sunset Dancer

Easy to grow plant accross most climates that has an incredible red flower which will also sprout during the cooler months. Place in partly shaded, protected conditions to prevent leaf burn and water whn soil appears dry, increasing frequency during warmer periods.
Feeding monthly is reccomended to maintain and encorage the growth of new flowers. Sunset Dancers go incredibly with darker coloured pots to illuminate their flowers colour or vivid Tsuru pots give a super special kick of colour.


Cardamom - Elettaria cardamomum

A very aromatic infdoor plant that give you a sweet spicy aroma. The leaves can be used as you would bay leaves, cloves etc. Coarsely chop them and add to stirfrys, Asian curries and soups. Remove prior to serving - leave in cooking as long as needed to get the level of flavour you are happy with. Add to tea to give a spicy chai like flavour. Excellent as pot pouri.

This large shrub will grow in most soil types and prefers part to dappled sun. It is hardy to most indoor conditions and gives a tropical feel to light rooms and patios or warm sheltered gardens. 
Height 1m x Width 1m

NEW Penetraide Re-Wetting Agent

Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules are remarkable granules which help make growing plants easier and more successful. Sprinkle them around your pot plants, garden beds, shrubs, fruit trees, lawns and water will penetrate and be absorbed for months, even after a complete dryout.

Searles Advanced Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules allow water and nutrients to penetrate to the plants roots where it is most needed and enhances the soils ability to absorb moisture, increasing plant growth.

Improved formula -- Lasts longer -- Greater coverage

- Easy-to-use granules, sprinkle onto pot plants, hanging baskets, gardens and lawns.
- Lasts up to 12 months.
- Added fertiliser to boost plant growth and vitality.
- Improves re-wettability of growing media.
- Increases water penetration.
- Increases water holding capacity.
- Reduces water run-off.
- Improves fertiliser and pesticide delivery direct to root zone maximising efficiency.
- Easy to apply and spread.


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