Home-made Mojitos, Luscious Strawberries

Home-made Mojitos, Luscious Strawberries

14th Aug 2021

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Kaffir Lime Mojito

Try this delicious and refreshing twist on a classic mojito cocktail by adding some kaffir lime leaves! Kaffir lime leaves or the zest of the fruit provides a burst of freshness and flavour in curries, desserts or drinks. For this recipe, simply muddle a heap of fresh mint, chopped kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and sugar syrup with some white rum (or can easily omit for a delicious mocktail). Top with ice and sparkling water. And top off with a viola flower for a pretty picture! This recipe works great with the addition of some lemongrass and ginger as well.

Australian Native Foliage & Flower 

A lush, hardy native combo
Dianella 'Cassa Blue'

 Cassa Blue Dianella is the perfect size and compact shape for any commercial or residential garden.
It has stunning blue foliage and masses of purple and yellow flowers from September to November.
Size: 50cm high x 40cm wide.

Gastrolobium 'Swan River Pea'
The Swan River Pea is a bushy shrub growing to 1.2 metres high and spreading to 1 to 2 metres wide. Dark red pea flowers 2 to 3 cm in length make a striking combination with the grey-green and silvery foliage from late winter through spring (August to November) and also appear sporadically throughout the year. The flowers produce nectar which attracts honeyeaters. 
Originating from WA It is adaptable  to a wide range of soils and climates including sun or semi shade.

Tristaniopsis 'Luscious'
Luscious Tristaniopsis has gorgeous shiny foliage topped off with red coloured new growth and yellow flowers with a sweet perfume. Its larger leaf size than the common form makes it a great native alternative to Magnolia. Bark is a striking port colour that peels back revealing a mottled cream stem.
Mature Height: 7-12m
Mature Width: 5m

Winter natives filled with  inspiration -Carolyn

Dragon-Tail Plant
Large epiphytic aroid root-climber with pinnatifid foliage. Mature leaves up to 30 - 50cm long. Suitable for growing up a totem or trellis.
Suited to a filtered light spot indoors year round. Tolerant of poor light conditions. Frost tender.
Water when soil feels dry or plant starts to droop. Keep soil moist but not wet, watering more in summer and less in winter.

Looking lovely paired with this Jia indoor pot

Strawberry 'Big Sweetie'
The first of the new season strawberries have arrived!
There are some plants that just evoke pleasant memories and images. Of all them Strawberries have to be one of the most evocative. Strawberries and Cream on a hot summer's day gets the taste buds humming. Problem is over the years we have been exposed to poor quality, low flavour and low juice fruit from the supermarket.

Big Sweetie is a variety that was selected by Strawberry Australia as: "...very close to the perfect variety for consumers according to taste panels. Highly rated for the best combination of taste, juiciness, aroma and appearance. This bright red fruit is moderately glossy, extremely large and has a good low acid sweet flavour." Try it yourself and you will find it is the juiciest, sweetest strawberry around.

Time to Feed & Resow the Lawn

Now that we're getting some consistent warm days, it's the perfect time to feed your existing lawn or reseed areas that have become sparse over winter.
Economy Lawn Seed is a great value hardy blend of grass species that will do well all year round in the sun in Melbourne.
If you have a shadier area that only gets morning sun or is under a large tree, try the Sun or Shade Lawn Seed.
For existing lawns, Weed'n'Feed is a great all in one product to knock out common broad leaf lawn weeds while feeding and boosting your lawn. Not safe for Buffalo lawns.


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